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A consulting firm specializing in technical business solutions and software development located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which strategically integrates cutting-edge technology with market vision to enhance business processes and improve operational efficiencies for medium and large businesses.

Our commitment

We maintain the highest quality standards in our products and services


We promote safe behavior and concern for the customer through our integrity policy

Focus on the customer

We hear and care about our customers’ opinions, and improve the quality of our services based on customer suggestions.

Quality assurance

Our professional quality assurance team tests every product or service to ensure that all requirements and specifications are met.


Smart Apps

Smart phone applications reach your customers wherever they are and provide them with services, information and news that you want to deliver to them and make them within their reach quickly and easily.

Hosting services

We provide all kinds of hosting services that meet and serve all your needs, starting from shared hosting to full servers, now discover new features with each service.

E Marketing

The most important means to achieve success and rapid spread and reach your customers everywhere. Professional experts and creative marketers from the e-marketing team of Tahcom.

Brand management

The importance of brand management lies in its adoption by companies to create an emotional connection between customers and their products. Through brand management, an image of the product or brand is created in the mind of the consumer.

Specialized consulting

Technical consulting is a field focused on advising businesses on the best way to use information technology so that they reach their business goals. In Tahcom, we follow our own method of consulting.

Web development

Our work is based on strategic insight, creative development and focus on results. Create or grow creative websites to fit your brand.


Send important alerts with DeskAlerts to any of your company devices: computers, phones, tablets, signage screens, etc. By using DeskAlerts, you ensure that the open rate will be 100%, which means that you can ensure that your employees get the message and will not be skipped or ignored.
Printer management software that helps hundreds of millions of people around the world reduce their printing expenses and waste to a minimum while having a safe and easy printing experience. PaperCut NG / MF is a comprehensive print management system designed to seamlessly monitor and control your resources with easy-to-use administration and user tools that can be safely accessed from anywhere on the network through a web browser.

Our Clients

Our Partners