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Business Case Study: Transforming Internal Communication for Banque Saudi Fransi with DeskAlerts

Client: Banque Saudi Fransi

Solution: DeskAlerts


Banque Saudi Fransi, a prominent financial institution, recognized the increasing need for seamless internal communication to enhance employee engagement and ensure the timely dissemination of critical information. With a large and diverse workforce, they faced challenges in reaching employees effectively. To address these challenges, they sought a solution that would revolutionize their internal communication processes.

The Challenge

Effective Communication: With a dispersed workforce, ensuring that important messages reached every employee promptly was challenging, leading to information gaps and miscommunication. Employee Engagement: Banque Saudi Fransi aimed to boost employee engagement by delivering engaging content and updates directly to employees’ screens. Emergency Communication: In cases of emergencies or urgent announcements, they needed a reliable and fast communication channel to reach employees immediately.

The Solution

DeskAlerts Tahcom Info Solutions introduced DeskAlerts, an innovative internal communication solution designed to streamline communication within organizations. DeskAlerts offered several key advantages:

Instant Notifications

DeskAlerts allowed Banque Saudi Fransi to send instant, unmissable notifications to employees’ screens, ensuring important messages were never overlooked. Engaging Content: The platform enabled the delivery of engaging content, including videos, surveys, and interactive messages, enhancing employee engagement. Emergency Alerts: DeskAlerts acted as a lifeline during emergencies, enabling the immediate distribution of critical information to ensure the safety and well-being of employees. Results and Benefits:

Efficient Communication

DeskAlerts transformed Banque Saudi Fransi’s communication processes, ensuring that important messages reached every employee without delays. Improved Engagement: Engaging content and interactive features led to increased employee engagement, fostering a sense of connection within the organization. Enhanced Safety: In times of crisis, DeskAlerts played a crucial role in delivering emergency alerts promptly, contributing to the safety and security of employees.

Banque Saudi Fransi’s adoption of DeskAlerts revolutionized their internal communication. The platform’s instant notifications, engaging content, and emergency alert capabilities significantly improved communication efficiency, employee engagement, and overall safety. As a result, Banque Saudi Fransi now enjoys a more connected and informed workforce, contributing to their continued success.

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