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Are you seeking an advanced and versatile solution for seamless communication? Look no further than LinQ2, Tahcom’s enterprise messaging gateway. LinQ2 empowers your applications and systems to send and receive messages and notifications efficiently through various channels, including SMS, Email, and Mobile Push Notifications.

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Revolutionize Your Messaging and Notifications

What is LinQ2?
LinQ2 is not just another messaging gateway; it’s your key to enhanced communication. With LinQ2, you can:

1. Gain Total Control: LinQ2 provides a dedicated on-premise messaging gateway that offers unparalleled visibility and control over sent messages and notifications. You’re in charge.
2. Fortify Security: Ensure the utmost security and control over your sent messages with masking and filtering options, protecting sensitive data.

3. Maximize Availability: LinQ2 guarantees higher availability with load balancing, bulk provider switchover, and various sending methods. Your messages reach their destination, every time.
4. Seamless Integration: Enjoy seamless operation and integration within your network, connecting all your sending applications and bulk providers efficiently.

  • Wide Communication Arsenal
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Surveys/Polls/Quizzes
  • Scrolling Ticker
  • Emergency Alert
  • Locked Screen Alert
  • Mobile App
  • SMS Notification
  • Digital Signage
  • Emergency Codes
Multilingual Admin Portal

LinQ2 boasts a user-friendly admin portal supporting both Arabic and English, including dashboards and reports.

Insightful Analytics

Access insightful dashboards and reports for error monitoring, provider sessions, service live previews, delivery reports.

Workflow Management

LinQ2 supports workflow management, allowing you to manage SMS Quota, Users, Roles, and manage various message templates .

Two-Way Communication

LinQ2 enables two-way communication, allowing you to send and receive different types of messages, from normal messages and emails to smart messages.


Prioritize message with scheduled delivery and ensure high-priority messages are sent first, storage, forwarding based on priority.

Robust and Reliable

LinQ2 ensures reliable integration with multiple providers, failover functionality, on-the-fly switching, and prefix-based auto-routing.

Examples of Usage

  • Sending marketing campaigns, promotions, and publications.
  • Providing textual and/or visual instructions to mobile workers.
  • Facilitating communication between office-based and mobile workers.
  • Allowing audiences to respond to messages and send reminders, such as bill payments.


Choose from a range of LinQ2 licenses tailored to your needs, based on the number of users and desired support level:

  • P50: Send up to 15 messages per second.
  • P200: Send up to 60 messages per second.
  • P500: Send up to 120 messages per second.

Select your package, from Basic, Advanced, to Premium, each offering a different set of features and integration channels. LinQ2 adapts to your requirements.

Are you ready to revolutionize your messaging and notifications? LinQ2 by Tahcom is your comprehensive solution. Explore the possibilities today.


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