Correspondence Management System, wajeez, وجيز, نظام الاتصالات الادارية

Wajeez – Document and Correspondence Management System

Wajeez is an integrated platform that enables government agencies to automate correspondence and casework digitally. It consists of several systems: the electronic correspondence and tasks management system, the communications system, and the infringement removal system. Wajeez is characterized by the fact that it provides integration and linkage between many parties to provide advanced E-services.

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    Wajeez Correspondence Management System Features

    Many advantages have helped our clients to effectively manage administrative, inbound and outbound communications and casework.

    Incoming and Outgoing Correspondence

    Managing letters and correspondence, incoming and outgoing, and archiving their attachments and preserving them in full.

    Internal Transactions

    Create internal transactions and refer them between the different departments of the procedure, for approval or electronic signature

    Workflow Automation

    Possibility to create specific workflows for complete automation of the transaction cycle without the need for manual referrals.