Technical consulting

Technical consulting is a field focused on advising businesses on the best way to use information technology so that they reach their business goals. In Tahcom, we follow our method of consulting, which is to start analyzing the client’s request and take the following steps:

1- Documenting the current situation.

2- Analysis of the current situation.

3- Developing the strategic plan.

4- Starting to implement the plan.


Enterprise resource planning ERP

Enterprise resource planning is an informational project, designed to coordinate all the resources, information, and activities needed to complete practical actions, such as accounting and human resources in an organization. Enterprise resource planning supports most systems procedures that manage a variety of operational businesses such as manufacturing, supply chain management, finance, projects, human resources and customer relationship management, all in a unified database. Enterprise resource planning depends on a common database (called Master Data) and a special programmatic design. The common database allows work departments to store and retrieve information during the activity period, while the programmatic design allows the work department to choose the necessary forms, arrange them and link them to the suppliers ’models and add new special models to improve performance. Ideally, the data is integrated between the different business processes. In practice, the ERP system might include a set of discrete applications, each of which manages separate data warehouses in a single database.


Web design and development

The website is the first and main way in the marketing process; This step is the first step for the success of any company on the Internet, by designing an official website that represents the company, being able to communicate with customers with ease, using marketing for products, displaying new goods, and providing the best offers through the site; It is also an effective way to compete aggressively, expand, expand and profit greatly.


Design and development of electronic stores - eCommerce

Grow your business faster with our services to create and develop electronic stores in creative ways to suit your type of activity and be easy to use, safe and fast.


Identity Design - Branding

Identity design is the process of making a distinctive name or choosing a unique image or logo that goes outside the usual and is out of the box and out of the ordinary in order to get the attention of the reader, user or customer, as it creates a distinctive image for your product in front of consumers. Control helps you create identity for your business in a special and innovative way.


Software development for smart mobile devices

A mobile application is a computer program designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. It is the new wave in the use of mobile phones. Mobile phones are no longer just devices for voice telephone communication only, but also to exchange multimedia messages such as pictures and video, and the use of e-mail and the Internet. Due to the tremendous capabilities of smart phones, it has become possible to exploit these capabilities by multiple applications that benefit the user.