Internal Communication Solution

Revolutionize your internal communications with DeskAlerts – the customizable, scalable, and intuitive alert system that delivers real-time notifications to employees on any device. With advanced analytics and reporting, stay on top of message delivery and response rates. Choose DeskAlerts for reliable, streamlined, and easy-to-use internal communications.

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Internal Communication Solution

Using the Internal Communications Solution, send alerts, notices, circulars, news, and important developments immediately to employees via computers, smart phones, tablets, advertising screens wherever they are, and ensure that the information reaches 100% so that it cannot be missed or ignored

Wide Range of Communication Tools

Desktop Notification

Notification messages that appear as a pop-up window that is sent directly to the screens of computers (desktops) – and they are 100% guaranteed.


Create a survey, poll or a quick quiz for your employees to get their opinions. As a notification popup on the desktop that grabs their attention.

Scrolling ticker

Send your company news or announcements as a scrolling ticker (news feed) is a small window of text that is usually displayed at the bottom of your computer screen.

Emergency Alert

Designed for emergency situations where you set up the alert in advance and create a shortcut to it on the desktop, and as soon as the alert is activated, it is sent!!

Locked screen alert

With DeskAlerts Lock Screen Alert, you can send messages to computers even when they are locked – making it the perfect emergency alerting system solution.

Mobile App

Available on the Apple Store and Google play, through which you can send alerts to smart phones and tablets for non-office employees or when the employee is out of office.

SMS Notification

Use SMS notifications to deliver your company messages to the mobile phones of the employees within a few seconds.

Digital signage

Send announcements to Digital signage screens with eye-catching visuals and flexible formats that reach all employees and visitors wherever they are.

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“If You Have Communication Issues, DeskAlerts Can Help”

The emergency system you need

“Quickly notify employees in an emergency or disaster situation to keep them safe. The internal communication solution is packed with features that make it easy to communicate in an emergency.
Send alerts and instructions with a click of a button by creating presets, or use our mobile app to send push notifications. Send alerts with photos, links, phone numbers, maps, graphs. You can also send via email and SMS.”

Customize settings and preferences

System integration

DeskAlerts integrates easily with existing IT and emergency alert systems and can be used to communicate with any system.

Send Multimedia

DeskAlerts allows you to send videos through YouTube and Vimeo with embed links, or send other videos. And you can also send pictures.


With Active Directory integration, you can target who you send alerts to such as specific departments, groups, or even individual users

Expanded Statistics

Track the delivery of messages to users or even specific devices to determine who viewed your messages. And create reports or export data to a CSV file.

Urgent alerts

Send urgent notifications instantly to keep your employees safe in the event of an emergency using a suite of features designed to help save lives.

Emergency Codes

Use color codes for the different types of emergencies you preset with a set of custom templates filled with information for use during an emergency.

“Deliver basic information to any device or location Communicate with users in different locations and across all types of technology”



Includes most popular features
  • Video Alert
  • Scrolling Ticker
  • Extended Reports (incl. link and email tracking)
  • Corporate Screensaver
  • Mobile client apps for Android and iOS
  • Fullscreen alerts


Includes all available features
  • STANDARD package functionality
  • Employee Pop-up Survey
  • SMS Alert
  • Corporate Wallpaper
  • Corporate Lockscreen for Windows
  • Multi-language alerts
  • Emergency alerts (incl. Mobile publishing apps)
  • Locked screen alert delivery for Windows
  • Text-to-Voice alert
  • Multi-domain support
  • Digital Signage
  • REST API access
  • Staff Engagement Features
  • Computer Name Registration


Build your own communications toolset
  • Select any features from the FULL package